I made biggest sin, what should i do now? Never Give Up

[yudaa'af lahu al-athabu yawma alqiyamah] (Quran 25:69)

The punishment will be doubled for those people.

The passage began - these are special people to me and now Allah says: these [kabair]=[biggest sins]

these 3 things:

  1. Shirk (polythiesm)
  2. Murder &
  3. Zina (adultery)

adultery, illegitimate relationship - these three things.

If a Muslim does it, anybody else does it, they will get punished

a Muslim does it, I'll punish him double, he knew and he still did it, a mushrik [polytheist] at least he didn't know when he did it.

The Muslim knew and still did it [yudaa'af lahu al-athabu yawma alqiyamah]

on Judgment Day - on Resurrection Day - the punishment is doubled for him

[wayakhlud feehi muhanan] (Quran 25:69) and he will remain in that punishment humiliated, he will constantly be humiliated because Shirk and killing a person and Zina are humiliating crimes.

They take away the dignity of a human being and so Allah Azzawajal is extremely angry at these people.

Maybe somebody made some mistakes in their life - don't raise your hand, only Allah knows your mistakes, you shouldn't tell people, it's between you and Allah.

Maybe you've made some big mistakes in your life

what about you? you hear these Ayat, you're like: oh my God! double punishment maybe I should leave the Masjid right now because that's pretty depressing and then Shaitan comes to those kinds of people.

Do you know what Shaitan says to them?

"man! you're going to hell anyway - might as well party it up"

you know

"what are you doing in the Masjid anymore - you're already on the express train - just go all the way man"

you know

you're already a goner.

What does Allah say about these people: [illa man taba] (Quran 25:70)

[waamana wa'amila a'malan saliha] (Quran 25:70)

The exception is - people who did Shirk, people who did murder, people who did Zina, but the exception is - even if you did these 3 things or all of these things.

If you turn back to Allah and you became a believer again it's like you became a new Muslim, you came into Islam all over again and this time [wa'amila a'malan salihan] and he was very serious about doing good things from now, it's not just [amila salihan]

He said [amila a'malan salihan]

مسمي هذا مفعول مطلق

[this is called "absolute additive"]

this is called the absolute additive, it's added to the verb to emphasize it over anything else.

What that means in simple English is: this person came back to - returned back to Allah

fixed their faith, and then after fixing their faith - this time they take their actions very seriously

, they take their actions very very seriously, they are really keen on doing good deeds.

['amila a'malan salihan]

If you can become that person even if you've done some terrible things in your life.

[faolaika yubaddilu Allahu sayyiatihim hasanat] (Quran 25:70)

Then those people - Allah will take all of their sins and convert them into good deeds.

He will not just get rid of your sins, we want Allah to get rid of our sins, maybe your sins are the size of a mountain.

I don't want to see that mountain on Judgement Day.

I will not get rid of the mountain, Allah will turn the mountain into a mountain of good deeds if you can make Tawbah (repentance).

This is [ar-Rahman] = (The Most Merciful)

এই নিবন্ধটি উপভোগ করেছেন? আমাদের নিউজলেটারে যোগ দিয়ে অবহিত থাকুন!


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