Inception Key Free - Pubg Mobile Hack

Works on rooted Android devices.

For users without root, some third-party container apps (such as VMOS) may also be used. But we are not responsible for additional risks they introduce.

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ESP (wall hack)

Player names, Health, Team ID, Current weapons ESP

Vehicles & Loot items

Out-of-sight enemy & grenade warning

Item color customizations


Safest touch simulation aimbot

Recoil control option

Aim on ADS / firing



Are you concerned that an enemy might sneak from behind and you won't notice? Inception radar hack feature will display all the opponents close to you, even if they aren't in your field of view. 


Confused whether you need to attack an opponent or no because you don't know how much health they have left? Our health esp will show you how much health is left in enemy. 

Weapon ESP 

Wonder what weapon your opponent is using? Our Weapon ESP will show you exactly what your enemy is holding in their hand. 

Skeletal ESP 

Otherwise known as Bone ESP or Skeleton wallhack, Bone ESP will draw a line along all the major enemy bones creating a "skeleton like" wallhack.. 

Show Items 

Find what all items are available in a building with out entering in a building.Our Item ESP uses different colors to draw based on the category and importance of each items.

Installation and usage tutorial

  1. Go to to download the mod hack esp apk
  2. After installing, Launch it, give root permission & log in.
  3. Turn off the device's battery optimization and turn off the game mode, allowing the cheat to keep running in the background. Make sure the game version is the latest version downloaded from Google Play.
  4. Launch the game to the lobby and click start button on cheat UI. Switch back to the game, current time and FPS will appear in the upper left corner.
  5. Click the floating icon to adjust the options.

Supported versions

  • PUBG Mobile (🌍 International)
  • PUBG Mobile (🇰🇷 South Korea)
  • PUBG Mobile (🇻🇳 Vietnam)
  • PUBG Mobile (🇹🇼 Taiwan)
  • PUBG Mobile LITE (🌍 International)
  • Game of Peace (🇨🇳 China)

Download Original Inception Apk

Download Pubg Mobile Hack Mod Esp Apk

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