Terms Of Use

1. We share our https://bdtwist.com/s/ earning with author who post apps in https://bdtwist.com/s/. 2. We got our site earning from AdSense.com, If adsense paid us then we share this earned money with you for your great effort. 3. If we not receive the payment from Google adsense then your requested payment also can be late. 4. If adsense.com disable our site for any reason then your all payment will be cancelled. 5. We provided you the points system to see how much you earned and you can earn. 6. Remember we don't know how much your posted apps can earn so if your posted post earn low then your points will also decrease, If your posted apps earn more then we expected then you will receive bonus money when you request for payment. 7. We can cancel your payment if we found anything wrong and if your apps not earn money. 8. We can remove any terms and any rules for development of this site. 9. We can disable the earning system for the development of site and for any other problem. 10. We will tell you when you reached your minimum earning requirements. 11. You will receive points when someone view your apps, It's will increase your rank. 12. Using VPN for increase the view of apps then you will not receive earning when you request for payment, Because we check your every apps earning on AdSense. 13. If your apps not earn any amount of money then your payment will be cancelled. 14. We check every apps earning on AdSense.com. 15. We will contact you for additional information when you reached your minimum payment requirement. We will ask how do you want to receive money. There will be no charges for payment.