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Whole Life Insurance Policies

Whole life insurance is an excellent life insurance plan because it remains in force throughout the life of the policyholder. This life insurance plan requires premiums to be paid every year. Whole life cover policies are also capable of providing lifetime death benefit coverage for a particular premium level. The policy premiums of whole life cover plans are much higher in comparison to term insurance plans. However, the policy premiums of this life cover plan rise automatically as their age increases after every renewal. The cumulative value of all the premiums is paid across a lifetime because these insurance policies are maintained until their average life expectancy.

The cash value of whole life insurance policies can be accessed at any time with the help of policy loans that are guaranteed by the company. Well, I would like to bring this to your knowledge that if there are any unpaid loans upon the death of the policy owner, the insurer subtracts the loan amount from the death benefit and pays the remaining amount to the beneficiary named in the policy. You need to be very much clear and specific before purchasing whole life insurance policies from an insurance company. You must check all the terms and conditions of these insurance plans and then invest your money accordingly.

There are six traditional forms of whole life insurance policies and they are non-participating, indeterminate premium, participating, limited pay, single premium, and economic policies. Further in this article, I am going to provide you with some key information regarding traditional forms of whole life insurance. Make sure that you read this article carefully.

In a non-participating form, all the values that are related to the policy are determined with the help of various policy issues. Some of the major issues may include cash surrender, death benefits, and premiums. The insurance company also assumes all the risks that are involved with the future performance of the policy.

Participating Policy
In a participating policy, the insurance company is responsible for sharing the excess profits with the policyholder. The refunds that are included in the participating policy are not refundable.

Indeterminate Premium
The indeterminate premium policy is very much similar to a non-participating insurance plan. The premium amounts of the indeterminate premium may vary every year. However, the policy premium amounts do not exceed the maximum premium that is guaranteed in the policy.

Economic Policy
An economic insurance plan is basically a perfect combination of term life insurance and participating policies. A part of the insurance plan dividend is used for purchasing some additional term insurance. Economic policy can also be used for generating a high death benefit. However, in some of the policy years, the dividend lies below projections and this results in the decrease of the death benefit.

Limited Pay
Limited pay policy is very similar to a participating policy but their coverage is limited to a certain number of years.

So, these are some useful facts regarding whole life insurance. I am sure that this live cover policy will make life easy and tension free.

By purchasing suitable insurance quotes you can assure the proper living of your partner and other dependents after your death. You can learn more about the various types of life insurance policies and whole life insurance policies after speaking to our expert. You should not purchase an insurance policy without having a word with our expert.

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